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Solidol-Ж: солидол жировой, для смазки узлов и агрегатов,

Solid Oil ZH
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Solidol F - солидол жировой, технический солидол

Cup Solid Oil grease (Solid Oil ZH) - GOST 1033-79Жировой солидол

Solid Oil SH is a general-purpose antifriction lubricant intended for use at moderate air temperature.
Substitutes: Litol-24

Scope: Motor car, vehicle gear, agricultural machinery friction units; manual tools and accessories, screw and chain gears, low-speed gear drives etc.

Key performance characteristics: the product characteristics are primarily similar to those of synthetic grease. This product has perfect viscosity-temperature properties; the grease exhibit better shrinkage and thixotropy resistance in storage conditions; in case of deterioration, it is not hardened. This product provides the best performance at the temperature range of minus 30 °С to plus 65 °С and it may be successfully used in heavy-duty mechanisms (bearings, hinges, blocks etc.) at extremely low temperatures (down to -50 °С).

Composition: medium-viscosity petroleum oil mixture gelled by using hydrated calcium soaps of fatty acids to be formed of natural (vegetable or animal) fats.

Physiochemical parameters:

Parameter name

GOST values


Homogeneous paste-like smooth substance; color: from light-yellow to dark-brown

Melting temperature, °С, min.


Penetration capacity, at 25 °С, as mixed (60 double strokes), mm·10-1


Effective viscosity at 0 °С and at the average strain velocity gradient of 10 s-1, Pa·s, max.


Shear strength, Pa, at 50 °С, min.


Free alkali mass fraction (NaOH), %, max.


Free organic acid content


Water mass fraction, %, max.


Mass fraction of fat acid calcium soaps to be formed of natural fats, %, min.


Hydrochloric acid-insoluble mechanical impurity content



ФотоОписаниеЦена за 1тЦена за ед.
Solidol-F 23kg
Фасовка - стальной тонкостенный барабан 25л
Солидол-Ж 10кг
Фасовка - пластиковое ведро
Солидол-Ж 2.1кг
Фасовка - полиэтиленовая банка
Солидол-Ж 0,85кг
Фасовка - полиэтиленовая банка

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